Effective August 18th, British Airways is implementing changes to their boarding process and hand luggage policy in order to increase boarding efficiency and timeliness.
-Customers will board by cabin – Executive Club status first, then by seat row number.
-BA will continue to allow 2 pieces of hand luggage aboard, the first piece being a handbag/laptop bag no bigger than 40 x 30 x 15.
-The second piece remains unchanged in sizing at 56 x 45 x 25, and weighing no more than 23 kgs.
-Customers will receive a yellow tag for each item once approved, demonstrating to the cabin crew that it is within specifications. The tags must remain visible.
-BA encourages travelers to keep any important items such as required medications in the smaller handbag/laptop bag carry-on
-BA will ask any pieces outside of these specifications to be checked
Please communicate this to your clients as needed and contact a representative with any questions.