Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Iberia to join British Airways to provide airfare for the Humanitarian Market

We received this excellent news from British Airways. We are thrilled to announce it to you as well. I am very pleased to announce that Iberia are joining British Airways in the Humanitarian market. Together, we will offer a merged product with combinability of our fares and routes. This is a significant development and a huge improvement to what we can offer today. Customers will benefit from having much more choice and an easier travel experience. As British Airways Partners you will automatically get access to the new Iberia Humanitarian product. You can expect to see the Iberia Humanitarian fares soon after 25November. There will be further information regarding Iberia’s new product in the next few days however we want you to know these important changes first As part of this expansion with Iberia we have taken this opportunity to review the whole product. Please make sure you take time to review the following changes to the existing British Airways product. New Fares for Europe to/from North and South America only The existing British Airways Humanitarian fares are changing. This only affects fares between Europe to/from North and South America. The new fares go live in your GDS on Tuesday 25November. Please note that if you have booked a through fare DFWLONEBB, the fare will not change. If you have booked a route where we do not have a through fare e.g. MIALONEBB. Then the MIALON part of the fare will change. Important - Please ticket any held bookings before close of Monday 24November or you will have to use the new fares. Note that you may see the new and old fares a day or two before 25November. If you prefer, you can use the new fares as soon as they show in your GDS New Two Bag Ticketed Allowance for all Humanitarian passengers applied from Tuesday 25Nov Our existing baggage policy restricts Humanitarian passengers to the standard allowance, only giving extra baggage for the carriage of Medical or Educational equipment. I am pleased to advise we will now offer ALL our Humanitarian passengers a two piece standard allowance, with no restriction to Medical or Educational equipment. This will now be a two bag ticketed allowance. The correct allowance will now show on the passenger ticket for British Airways and Iberia mainline flights Note that you will no longer need to add the MHXB keyword. Important – Any existing ticketed booking will not be affected unless you change it, even if travel is after 25November. If you make any changes to a held booking, from Tuesday 25November, the new allowance will be applied. New HUMN Keyword from Tuesday 25November As part of the rebranding of our product to Humanitarian the obligatory MSRY keyword is to be replaced by HUMN. Important - All bookings, from Tuesday 25November, must have the new HUMN keyword added followed by the name of the Charity, Church or Organisation You do not have to amend any existing bookings with MSRY even if travel is after 25November. If you make any changes to an existing booking you should add HUMN into the booking.

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