Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Delta Wi-Fi update:

Direct from the Delta BLOG:

This is actually quite an amazing accomplishment. Simply avoid DC-9’s and you’ll have Wi-Fi (and lets be honest – DC-9’s SUCK for other reasons as well).

Wi-Fi: The 500

It’s been a while since the last Wi-Fi update but this one’s a big ‘ol juicy one…let’s call it WI-FI: THE 500. That’s right…this week marks the 500th Wi-Fi installation, a really impressive feat on the part of Delta TechOps, Aircell/Gogo and the installation teams. Since our first installation in December 2008, we’ve been averaging one install about every 1.5 days.

In addition to the 500 installed aircraft, we also have 32 installations that have been partially completed but they’ll require some additional engineering work to find alternate locations for the antennas. Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) amendments are in work and these planes will be routed back for the second phase of installation upon STC issuance. Our Engineering teams are targeting a date later in the summer for the start of the completion line due to FAA approval time and cable lead times.

Questions? Send ‘em my way. I have answers!

Hope you’re enjoying the Wi-Fi!


A319: 49 of 49 (100%)

A320: 64 of 69 (94%)

DC9-50: 9 of 34 (25%)

MD88: 117 of 117 (100%)

MD90: 17 of 17 (100%)

B737-700: 10 of 10 (100%)

B737-800: 71 of 71 (100%)

B757-200: 120 of 123 (98%)

B757-200 ETOPS: 17 of 17 (100%)

B757-300: 16 of 16 (100%)

B767-300: 10 of 10 (100%)

SCOPE ADDITIONS (increasing the total to more than 550 Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft):

MD90: +12 (new deliveries)

B737-800: +2 (new deliveries)

B757-200: +7 (returning from storage)

B767-300: +4 (adding the domestic ETOPS birds)

Chris B.
Sr. Product Manager, In-flight Entertainment

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